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1.1. Background

Poorness is a condition where someone or family lives in underprivileged situation happened do not be intended but because perforced. Poorness cause can have the character of multidimensional like its(the light physical, not energy?power, condition of culture social, economic systems and Politik in a region. Every dimension will have an effect on with other dimension so that difficult to be dissociated or stood x'selfly.

Strived reduction of poorness to tend to experiences improvement since targeted by through Inpres Nomor 5 the year 1993 about Percepatan Penanggulangan Kemiskinan focussed at lag countrysides passed three fundamental element that is fund giving ( revolving Fund) through approach of group of public  associate and development of rural facilities and basic facilities. Remembers poor family not only in countryside hence effort penanggulangan poorness in urban also gets serious attention from government and LSM or NGO. 

On the other side efforts numeral reduction poorness of through grants having the character of stimulant expected earns bergulir at group of target and development of supporting facilities for area of tending to unable to run sebagimana expected causing effort penanggulangan poorness need to be done in komprehensip and synchronization of program which really partying to is effort penanggulangan poorness from various sectors either from government agency and also Non Goverment ( NGO)

One of effort numeral reduction poorness executed in urban through P2KP expected runs transparently and akuntabel its(the activity plan compiled in Dokumen PJM Pronangkis. Basically PJM PRONANGKIS was Program numeral reduction poorness in time spread 3 year compiled together by member of public, government officer and the elite figures in sub-district Donggala Kodi.

Processed completion from since identification of problem up to monitoring phase always is improved, by executing various programs in sub-district of Donggala Kodi activity of BKM has entered finalization phase to be BKM which self-supporting. One of planning activity is compilation  Neighbourhood Development. Activity output from this program expected able to become guidance in development of settlement area, industry, commerce and other inwroughtly and having continuation with partisipative planning principle, and transparent execution and akuntabel.

Compilation of  Neighbourhood Development. be a similar design guidance an area as according to the function, for operation material in healthy building program plan and area, area expansion plan, invesment, and operation guidance of planning and execution of program.

1.2. Problems

Problems requiring attention from the Government and wide public can be compiled as follows :

1.2.1. Problems Area of
In general poor public of course less or instead doesn't have source - source of area of as their uliginous life capital of cleanness, long-range crop, reboisation of Settlement of settlement of aqueduct ( drainage) etc. Temporary of the farmers and labour hardly depend on season.
Area of in region part of west especially RW 03 was agricultural land that is fertile enough but burdened at water to irrigate crop so that the farm not optimal is managed. While supporting facilities for cleanness water to consume and everyday necessaries of life hardly required by some of residing in residents region RW 05 and RW 02.
Condition Of Facilities And Basic Facilities Area of other like environmental area road street and drainage hardly concerns because lack of development and treatment. Some of member access roads between area of has not been arranged and other main road paving it is tritiated ( ineligibility). Despitefully Supporting facilities for area of support health still hardly is felt unable to be adequate especially in RW 03 as member that is till now has not owned Bathroom and WC house to be each.

Management of garbage also becomes problem because lack of awareness of public to throw away garbage regularly is caused inexistence of garbage place of exile whereas in each area

1.2.2. Social Problems

Poor public of course always excluded from institution social which there have is including protection systems of life so that they must build x'self institution they to get guarantee social ( Social security) required to live on them through affinity, association of dweller, often becomes very strong because taste in the same boat accounted on together

Condition of ugly area and member house mostly has not been reached repair of supporting facilities for by government generates social problem especially there are still some of resident houses which has not it is good to dwells. some of member of secure and prosperous pres difficulty still in fulfilling the requirement to live it is good toly is because factor economic difficulty and lack of education of either informal and also formal

This problems needs handling which komperhensif so that difference between deductible publics.

1.2.3. economic problem

Macroeconomics order and politics systems that is till now applies causes poorness can of absolute that is a certain measure which has been specified where requirement of a minimum of cannot be fulfilled, equally the production is insufficient to fulfill requirement of a minimum of set in poorness line
From poorness economics dimension happened diwliyah Kelurahan Donggala Kodi can be interpreted as ability someone to get well established living and gives competent production to support the life in continual seen from the low of gizi food, level of low health, level of low education, clothes that is competent is etc.
ability someone who translated as the low of level of domination of someone to things capable to become authorized capital in fulfilling requirement in essence, like Humanity capital ( Science, Education Science, Hygiene etc.) Physical Capital ( Soil;land;ground, Housing that is competent dweller, effort and activity, vehicle etc.), Capital nature ( water, tree, animal etc.), Social Capital ( Social network, tradition. etc.) and a real important is Capital fund ( saving, loan etc.).

Based on poor resident living type of the Sub-district Donggala Kodi, economic problems emerged because lack of work field which can be done by public, with level of a real low production so that development of business which there have cannot go well.

Difficult to of access financial institution is constraint that is often is met in part public requiring capital employed so that the many publics trapps to dark bank to obtain the business capital requirements.

Skilled training of business still be felt hardly less so that broken poor public gone to school not to have is skilled ness is adequate to open business teams.

1.3. Vision, Mission, and Purpose Of Sub-district of Donggala Kodi Reduction indium of Poorness

1.3.1. Vision
" Pass Self-supporting of Public we are self-supporting secure and prosperous Realizes Family "

Sub-district Vision of Donggala Kodi in Reduction indium of Poorness is to form august value and humanity value by creating every public institute which refesentatif and grows on public especially poor public, partisipative in every activity from since identification of problem, requirement, planning and execution and monitoring must entangle all the components in Sub-district Donggala Kodi especially poor public as policy determinant to overcome poorness. Every Program which is expected to touchs poor public direct and at the next step there will be sinerji between Local Government Program of Palu Town and Public Program. If this thing already happened hence expected Construction can be managed inwrought and is self-supporting by public Sub-district Donggala Kodi with the Government of Palu 

In Fund Management of Public Direct Help ( BLM) through this P2KP will be executed between Public with BKM as Proses study of member to draw up ability of Public to the fore.

1.3.2. Mission

1. Reinforcement of Institution of Public
2. Improvement of Earnings of Family
3. Exploitation quality of Human resource.
4. Accomplishment of facilities and basic facilities Area of which is qualified

Sub-district of Donggala Kodi to execute Visi Reduction indium of Poorness by forming local public institute built and strenghtened according to requirement of public that is in generik called as Badan Keswadayaan Masyarakat (BKM) Anu'ntodea namely leader institute Colektif expressing refresentatif from all public member of sub-district of Donggala Kodi which most believable, expected with existence of BKM according to importance and requirement of public can be made Social Capital for processing social tranformasi from condition of public that is over a barrel towards powered public then towards

For program which is not able yet to fund P2KP would in consulted to the Government of Palu  then Chanelling and fund Penanggulangan Kemiskinan Terpadu (Paket) and care other institution to Reduction indium of Poorness.

1.3.3. Purpose of

Program Reduction indium of Poorness in Sub-district of Donggala Kodi adds strength institution of institution aim to of Local public, strengthens family economics and develops Reliable human resource potency that be able to manage Available resource and accomplishment of requirement of area facilities and basic facilities supporting repair of life level towards increasingly good.
At early stage that poor public can learn does position of repair of my prila and way of approach and synergy with public widely is including learning makes activity program and the application of activity joinly
At phase hereinafter public would having partner with Local Government of Palu Town in every Program to get resource access is around it so that at the next phase of public can build its(the region inwroughtly.
In general purpose of Plan Neighbourhood Development aim to realize life order of harmonious public, secure and prosperous, self-supporting so that productivity can be improved. Peculiarly intention of compilation of plan is as follows :
a. Realizes public madani which is creative, inovatif and responsible to area
b. Realizes spirit [of] mutual assistance in every development step so that cooperation between development perpetrators runs is harmonious
c. Realizes public which aware of healthy life pattern culture, cleanness, orderly in development
d. Realizes the role of institution of level of sub-district maximumly between various the social institutes in sub-district Donggala Kodi

1.3.4. Output 

End result which wish to be reached from execution of activity of expansion of settlement area bases on community is as follows :

1. Available of Neighbourhood Development at priority area, what compiled in Partisipatif by entangling the Government of Town and Wide Public.
2. available of Document Neighbourhood Development which can be accessed by various party sides in development of sub-district area Donggala Kodi
3. Reachs of going concern development systems with management by solvent and reliable institute as activator motor and center service of public to fulfill requirement and public prosperity
4. Available of planning of poor public base rights, good of education rights, health, settlement that is competent with attainment according to target which has been specified
5. The happening of planning sinergisity between development perpetrators in Kelurahan which is equivalent between the Government with other care public and group

1.3.5. Target

a. Wide Public.
Sub-district Public of Donggala Kodi especially poor Masyarakat which has together BKM Anuntodea executes study process through programme PNPM Mandiri and other
b. Local government
Local Government Peripheral of Hammer Town from level of Kota, Kecamatan, Sub-district and government officer RT/RW and various related Dinas in the field of Settlement space and housing, Agriculture, Industry of either Level Of Palu Town and also Middle Sulawesi Province. Other Related Parties
Care Group which has worked along with government : The Institute of Self-supporting of Public, University, Banking, The Institute of Profession and entrepreneur

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